2019, 5G is ready!

2019, 5G is ready!

As it entered July, the first half of 2019 ended.

Looking back at the past six months, a lot of major events have taken place for the 5G network.

Earlier of June, China has already issued 5G license to 4 major network service suppliers,and in the other part of the world, 5G network has entered into the commercial phase as well with the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, South Korea, the United States and Australia have announced to join the club.



At present, 5G still have a long way to go, for a full coverage of 5G network for any country would meanto invest money on a large scale. Therefore, in the 5G era, it will be easier for larger economies to invest big in network construction.

With regard to the advantages of 5G, there has been a lot of discussions on the Internet recently, with some comments saying that 5G is just an upgrade of Internet speed.

In fact, as the coverage of 5G network is more and more widely improved, its role in escalatingeconomy in industries is expected to be seen soon.

In particular, we will see 5G in-depth applicationin smart-cities, self-driving vehicles and other scenarios, which will bring more demand and development in digital economy.

The three major telecommunication operators have chosen Shanghai as the key field trial city for 5G, and will set up more than 10,000base stations to cover all the 5G networks in key areas.


5G will bring new business opportunities to the whole industry.




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